Our Story

It all began with a dream to create a brand that combined a passion for roses with luxury, style and innovation. Where the rose becomes not only a gift, but an lifestyle and art form delivering an unparalleled experience to those who matter most. From this vision, Unique Roses was born.

Driven by his passion and a love for sophisticated luxury, The Founder Wasim Qureshi of Unique Roses Inc., embarked on a journey to create a luxury brand that he aspired would one day become a household name. 

After a long difficult search for a team that shared his vision, mission, and ardour to create a global brand, Co-founders Fadil Khodabocus and Sabrina Sairally joined forces with Wasim Qureshi to create the ‘Unique Team’.

Together, with a shared dedication to combine the exhilarating beauty of the rose with ultimate luxury, we bring you the unmatched experience you deserve.

Wasim Qureshi

Sabrina Sairally and Fadil Khodabocus